2015 Entry Closed

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Why should you participate?

Whether you’re a producer, a retailer, chef or hospitality provider, please join in with the 2015 Awards. It is well worth the effort!

By entering and potentially winning one of the
independently assessed awards, your business could reap rewards… 

  • Raise you profile, not just through the numerous Cumbria Life pages assigned to cover the Awards, before and after, but also across other CN titles and the media beyond
  • Increased exposure could potentially lead to increased sales
  • Being recognised as one of the county’s best will grow your business’ status and credibility, and help to differentiate you from your competitors
  • With an Award or Shortlist under your belt could help ‘open doors’ or at least start conversations with new clients – everyone wants to work with the best
  • Drive motivation and grow pride through your team as they become part of a ‘winning team’
  • And of course include your Award or Shortlist within your own marketing and PR…

You can submit your entry from 24 November and before closing date 2 January 2015.

We look forward to receiving your entry. Good luck!

2015 Entry Closed4