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2014 Winners

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Awards Terms & Conditions, and additional notes

  1. All Awards entries must be received by 2 January 2015
  2. Submitted material cannot be returned and will be disposed of as confidential waste
  3. By submitting your entry, you accept the editor's decision regarding publication and promotion of entry details of finalists and winners. All information submitted will be regarded as approved for publication by the entrant including business information. Recent relevant figures (eg turnover and profit) which may be helpful or essential to judge business success but which is sensitive information, should be marked "[in confidence]". The editor will endeavour to respect all such guidance at all times
  4. The judges will select up to three finalists in each category, who, in their opinion, best meet the criteria listed. For some larger categories, a sub-committee of judges from among the main judges and which may include additional judges, may be formed to nominate a shortlist
  5. Employees of any CN Group company, Kendal College, sponsors and their immediate families are not eligible to enter
  6. Businesses directly connected with judges are not eligible to enter
  7. The judges decision is final in all matters
  8. We are unable to enter into any individual correspondence regarding entries received, judges' comments, finalists or winners
  9. All entrants must be physically based in the county of Cumbria

2015 Entry Closed4