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Celebrating all that’s best about Cumbria, Made in Cumbria promotes and sells the very best of what the county has to offer from its thriving creative and food and drink production business community. By choosing Made in Cumbria you’re not only buying fabulous Cumbrian products, you’re also directly supporting Cumbria’s creative heritage.

Made in Cumbria epitomises the quality, innovation, craftsmanship and traditional values that the area is admired for throughout the world. The brand is a symbol of the pride, passion and enterprise of its members and represents creative works, products and food and drink wholly or substantially produced in Cumbria.

As part of a not-for-profit organisation – Cumbria Chamber of Commerce – Made in Cumbria is all about providing an enhanced shop window for Cumbrian producers, and supporting those producers to be successful, not about making money out of them. All income generated is ploughed back into delivering that.

You can talk to producers and buy Made in Cumbria products at farmers’ markets, events and some retail outlets. You can also buy Made in Cumbria online and in its shops and concessions – see www.madeincumbria.co.uk for details, or download interactive maps of where to find Made in Cumbria products from iTunes.

The Made in Cumbria range provides a great choice, whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift, with something to suit every pocket and occasion.

As an alternative to individual products, bespoke gift boxes are proving a real hit with both individual customers and corporate clients.

Retail and online manager Tracey Graham explains: “This is a tailor-made service which is proving an increasingly popular choice. Customers can choose to fill a box, or boxes, with any products from our 300 producers, with the box packed and wrapped by us.

“We’re finding it’s very popular with individuals who can fill a £4 gift box with any products that catch their eye from the shop or they can phone us or order online, spending as much or as little as they choose and enabling them to provide a really personalised choice.”

And it’s an option that’s also proving a hit with corporate clients.

“Some businesses are ordering monthly, giving gifts year round, while others are ordering for a certain set of corporate clients or for occasions like Christmas,” says Tracey.

Made in Cumbria continues to explore new and exciting routes to markets for our members, with more and more people enjoying the wonderful range of products our members produce.

See www.madeincumbria.co.uk for more information and to shop online for Made in Cumbria products


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